Local Shops & Affiliate Brands We LOVE!

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The first section of our SHOP is  what we call LOVE for the LOCALS. I mean we put the name Abilene in our business so ya know how we feel, lol.. These are links to local brands and businesses we here at FireCycle Abilene enjoy and who show us the love back (through give-a-ways for our riders, or sharing our posts). Hey, we are all in this to support each other. No commissions, or additional FireCycle Abilene promos given for local purchases, this is just a show of support. Heck y'all follow these businesses on socials for specials, and new products/specials.

Our featured local business of the month will be to the left, but scroll down to see more! We had to start with our partner gym - Firehouse Fitness, learn all about them, or claim your free trial membership at Firehouse Fitness. 

Need additional one-on-one wellness coaching - try NRP Wellness (our very own Nina)!

We LOVE our Affiliate Partners

The next section is Affiliate Partners! Hey, hey, hey (almost famous, right?) These are retailers we enjoy, but who have set up a formal partnered with us. What does that mean? If you click on the affiliate link and make a purchase FireCycle Abilene receives a small commission (usually 2-5%). Hey we figure everything helps us keep our pricing down for the rider. All affiliate links are brands we have tested out and/or purchase from ourselves. Our featured affiliate for the month will be in the picture to the right, but scroll down for more!

If you purchase any item (at any value) from one of our affiliate partners,

we will place a free ride in your Vagaro account, or one for a friend if you prefer. Just DM us a screen shot of your confirmation code.  Our featured affiliate this month is Allure Beauty Box, how much fun is it to try different products without having to commit to the full size? From hair care, to face masks, anti-aging, perfume and more. Treat yourself (also makes a great gift).

Hello LOCAL!

NRP Wellness, Nina is a certified wellness coach. Ditch that diet mentality once and for all., this is one-on-one coaching that can help you break some of those old patterns for good. @ninarosepena

Blue Jug Alkaline Water, we carry this at the studio. Give your body an extra boost of health with this antioxidant water. @bluejugabilene

Brandon's Active Zyia, hey fellas we know you like to look good and feel great in your active wear too (from running, weight lifting and cycling).  Zyia is for EVERY-BODY.  Zyia also has lots of options for women.  Join his Facebook VIP Group for extra deals.

Addie Lore, this local shop will be our Feb. featured local business. Look good, feel good in handmade, crafted for you undergarments. Christine's review: "I will never go back to store-bought again, Addie Lore's garments were a game changer for me."  @addielore

Blue Stop Max, recovery is just as important as your class (aka movement) which is why we adore this local product (although nationally known). We use Blue Stop Max's muscle lotion daily as part of our active recovery. @bluestopmax

Vitamins Plus, located inside Drug Emporium this is your one-stop shop for vitamins, supplements, and all other natural products. They are a big time supporter of FireCycle and the entire gym scene here in Abilene. Our fav.? The Juice Greens (about $23 a container, tastes like apples!) @VitaminsPLusAbileneTx

SunnHaus Brewery, located just on the outskirts of Abilene, this is some good, clean handcrafted beer (and they have wine too). We hosted our 2022 Rider Appreciation event here. Get it to go, or enjoy their lovely patio, check social for live music and event updates. @sunnhausbrewing

Cypress St. Station, located in the heart of our city (downtown), this is fine dining with a West Texas flair. Our very own Instructor Amanda is the co-owners of this thriving restaurant. The go-to for your next girls night or date night, amazing wine selection and top-notch service. @cypress_st


Okay, they are NOT an affiliate, or local, but if you are considering purchasing your own cycling shoes these are the ones we recommend! If you sign up for their email and text list they will send you a link for 10% off, also check for all clearance of sale slipstream cycling shoes. 

Clips are not included (SPD).