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A fun beauty night in, a little brightness for the kid's ouches, one fierce exercise dress, coffee first then water (yes, hydrate in between coffee and wine y'all), muscle support without the meds, and so much more. These are brands we enjoy and support and support use BACK. How cool is that?!

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Outdoor Voices - check out the exercise dress! It is the OG. THEY MADE THIS Y'ALL. Shorts underneath, wear to workout, or just out and about, cause it is comfortable and super flirty while making you feel strong. Lots of choices. Use code: NEWOV-SEP for a new customer discount.

ZYIA! - We love our ZYIA at FireCycle, especially those Light & Tights. order anything from the Zyia link and receive FREE shipping reimbursed by Christine via Venmo/CashApp. Just reach out to her via IG. Co-branded tights are available upon request.

Allure Beauty Box - The September

New Member Box - get 7 new products, a $184+ value – including 4 full size items. Sign up for this month’s box and get this gorgeous lineup delivered straight to your door. The best in beauty awaits! Three options (monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships). Starts as low as $19 per month for annual, or $23 if paying per month. FREE shipping too.

Welly - For everyone that was afraid to fall down, fail, get bumped, get scratched and did it anyway. Welly is for the wellness in all of us. Y'all these are some fun, funky bandages, and even better health aids like cough syrups, and more. Perfect for the kids in your life (or really maybe you too). Free shipping with purchase over $45!

KT Tape - So why do we love this product at Firecycle? For the simple fact it helps with circulation and supports our muscles (especially for those of use who love to ride a lot! They also have some great recovery gels, cooling and heat wraps, anti-chafe products too. Christine's favorite product: The Wave, she enjoys it for targeted muscle soreness.

Camelbak: MultiBev - We already loved them cause they have been good to us cyclists for years. So, we will try not to geek out too much. This is the ultimate beverage item for our multi-taskers on-the-go. MultiBev is a 2-in-1 vessel that serves as both a water bottle and detachable travel cup for convenience you can carry. Use for coffee in the morning, water throughout the day. Drink. Share. Rinse and repeat.

Allay Lamp - So this lamp is LEGIT, it helps with headaches. Yep, that is right...headaches. Of course you still need to get your sleep, water, exercise, etc. BUT light dramatically affects the brain. Your eyes convert wavelengths of light into electrical signals in the cortex, influencing everything from your mood to how you sleep. Blue light generates large signals that energize the brain; that’s why screens keep you awake. But a newly discovered band of green light has the opposite effect. Only available in the patented Allay Lamp, these special green wavelengths create small signals, relaxing your brain so you can get the rest you deserve. Allay has been featured in Oprah Magazine, The Today Show, Shape, Good Housekeeping and more.

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Okay, they are NOT an affiliate, but if you are considering purchasing your own cycling shoes these are the ones we recommend! If you sign up for their email and text list they will send you a link for 10% off, also check for all clearance of sale slipstream cycling shoes. 

Clips are not included (SPD).