What could be better that Zyia Light n Tights & Firecycle Abilene?

Pre-orders are now closed! We will let everyone know when your leggings arrive! Pricing is based on Zyia retail cost, plus logo (charged at cost) then tax! We will order extras to have in our in-studio shop as well. Sizing is based on Zyia product availability, currently  at 24" 7/8, 20" capri, and 28" leggings options. There is an example in the studio for you to view as well. 

More about Zyia...

So are you interested in seeing what else Zyia has to offer? Check out our online store. We always reimburse shipping, and if you seeing something you would like co-branded let us know and we will see if we can make it happen. Zyia & FireCycle Online Party Shopping Link

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The comfiest thing you never knew you needed. Perfect for after a ride when you are ready to just chill out.

Combining sweatpants and overalls into one glorious masterpiece, Swoveralls are sustainably sourced, functional, 

and unbelievably comfortable.




This is a staple at the studio, great for recovery from those extra hard workouts. Drip Drop has a refer a friend program for first-time customers. e-mail us at [email protected] and we will enter the referral in for you. Drop Drop will then send you the 50% promo code. 

Stay hydrated, friends!