Give me the June Challenge Details Please!

Week Three Results (end of Sunday's class on 6-19)

First - Patrizia

(Six rides, two friend invites/riders/very active on socials/comments/shares. awesome themed attire, four instructors)

Second - Amanda

(Four rides, active on socials/comments, shares, themed attire, three instructors)

Third - Paige

(Three rides, social media comments, three instructors)

Fourth - Danielle

(Three rides, two instructors)

Week Two Results (end of Sunday's class on 6-12)

First - Bryce

(Six rides, three friend invites/riders, very active on socials/comments/shares, themed shirts, four instructors)

Second - Amanda

(Four rides, one friend invite/rider, very active on socials/comments/shares, two instructors)

Third  (week two is a tie)- Patrizia & Tina

Patrizia (Three classes, two instructors, very active on socials/comments/shares - even shared while out of town)

Tina (Three classes, three instructors, shared rides with private Facebook groups and sent info. to FC)

Fourth - Ashley G.

(Five rides, four instructors)

Fifth - Brad

(Four rides, three instructors)

Week One  Results

First - Bryce 

(Six rides, one friend invite, very active socials/comments, specific themed shirt, four instructors)

Second - Patrizia

(Five rides, over the top active on socials/lots of shares, plugged into themes, three instructors)

Third - Amanda M.

(Five rides, one friend invite, very active on socials/comments, three instructors)

Fourth - Paige N.

(Five rides, one friend invite, three instructors)

If you want your stats checked, or just a verification of where you are reach out to Christine at [email protected]

Let's kick start June with a fun-loving challenge - Do you accept?!

If you reach the goal of:

15 rides = FREE 5 Pack

12 rides = FREE 3 Pack

Resolution Ride at the end of the month of June counts as 2 classes toward the above in the challenge.

Prizes for the Top Five Winners! How do I win?

Ride, aka come to class.

Invite a friend (if they have not come in past 30 days they count towards the challenge)

Share, like, comment on posts.

Arrive in costume to a theme ride.

Try all the instructors, or as many as you can every week.

We will also have hidden or surprise "easter egg" prizes in various classes throughout the month, sometimes we will announce it a day before, other times it will be in class! Instructors will offer some additional physical challenges too (all on the bike).