If you have questions about your point total or placement on the leaderboard please feel free to ask us in the studio! If you message us, we do not have the cards in front of us and will not be able to double-check. Thank you for participating. Enjoy the June Challenge. If you feel you left any points off last week, correct it at your next ride and show your instructor, we can get it added to the next week. All points are reviewed and approved on Sat. 

200+ Points

No one as of 6/3.

100+ Points

Katie C.

80-99 Points

Brad D.

Jennifer C.

Baylee K.

Abbey C.

Matthew G.

60-79 Points

Vanessa W.

Patrizia R.

Amanda M.

Victoria G-R.

Top Three Leaderboard!

As of 6/3 (not final results):

1st - Katie C.

2nd - Matthew G.

3rd - Abbey C.