We Believe in YOU...

Just plain tired of the typical workout and cycling experience, we created FireCycle Abilene, a unique and fresh take on indoor cycling that motivates, inspires, and encourages riders to be their best all while getting an amazing calorie burning, heart pumping workout in low lighting and to loud music. Rides are fresh each week, and instructors are encouraged to be creative and let their own personal style shine because let's face it, the world needs more people who are fully alive. WE ARE 100%  UNIQUE & LOCAL. 

Just come on in, get set and be totally free for 45 minutes. We have a water cooler if you need to refill your bottle and towels are provided. You got this, just take your first step forward.

Upcoming Themes!

Are you planning a week ahead?! Here is a preview of what is coming next week. The current week is listed on the booking page.

Sunday, Oct. 23rd @ 2 PM * Instructor: Nina - Hip-Hop through the ages.

Monday, Oct. 24th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Christine - Monday Motivation

Tues., Oct. 25th @ 6:15 AM * Instructor: Christine - Rock & Heavy Metal (E) - Halloween Edition

Tues., Oct. 25th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Layla - Classic Freestyle (remixes)

Wed., Oct. 26th @ 12:15 PM * Instructor: Nina - XPRESS Ride (30 min, no weight routine)

Wed., Oct. 26th @ 4:30 PM & 5:45 PM * Instructor: Amanda - Spooky Cycle - Halloween Ride

Thurs., Oct. 27th @ 5:15 AM * Instructor: Mercedes - Rise & Ride

Thurs., Oct. 27th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Mercedes - TBT

Friday, Oct. 28th @ 6:30 AM * Instructor: Layla - XPRESS Ride (30 min, no weight routine)

Sat., Oct. 30th @ 10:15 AM * Instructor: Christine - All-Out Rock the Halloween Edition

Sun., Oct. 31st - THE ACTUAL DAY ITSELF! No Stops Halloween Ride with Nina @ 2 PM Costumes welcome and a prize given to the best one!

Meet Instructor Christine

 Christine is one of the founders of FireCycle Abilene who has a life-long love of cycling, both indoor and outdoor. Her style as an instructor includes quite a bit of choreography on the bike (think crunches, push-ups, jumps, sprints and more, kinda like dancing on a bike), and tap-backs for days! 

She loves remixes, classic rock, and throwback rides with tunes from the 90's & 80's. She also smiles a lot when she is on the bike so get ready to feel the joy when you are in her class.

Meet Instructor Mercedes

Mercedes is a seven-year cycling enthusiast who is very excited to make the transition to instructor and meet even more members of the Abilene community. She also teaches ballet and jazz classes at Ballet Abilene and has danced there since she was very young. Her favorite genres are funk and heavy metal, and her #1 artist is Prince! Favorite move on the bike...heavy climbs and sprints.

Meet Instructor Amanda

Amanda is a FireCycle rider turned instructor! She started cycling last year, and was HOOKED. Enjoying the experience so much she decided to earn her certification.  Amanda's style is dance-based, using classic moves and "groove-style" cycling (a little more flair), and weights to motivate and get your entire body moving to the beat of the music. 

You will smile A LOT in her class, she is pure fun.

Meet Instructor Layla

Cycling is a TRUE passion of Laylas! New to Abilene (she is joining us from Pensacola), cycling goes with her wherever she goes. She began her career as an instructor in 2008. Her favorite ride is classic freestyle with upbeat remixes and new tracks. Her rides are upbeat, fast and have lots of jumps. Layla has a strong positive vibe, you will definitely leave feel better than when you walked in the door. 

Meet Instructor Josh

Josh is one of the owners of Firehouse Fitness and The Dive Spot. His classes have extra weight routines are are usually Hip-Hop, but he also rotates with Punk Rock.

His favorite bike move? The booty shake and booty hold (suspension over the seat) for sure.

The Hip-Hop classes have explicit lyrics. 

Meet Instructor Nina

Nina is another FireCycle rider turned instructor! With a passion for teaching and a heart for new riders, Nina’s goal is to ensure every rider feels welcomed, motivated, and celebrated every single ride, especially our newbies. Nina loves Hip-Hop, Pop, and all the remixes. Her favorite moves on the bike include push-ups, climbs, and a well-timed jam session! Be prepared to work, smile, and just plain jam out at her rides.

Did you know you can book a class directly through our Vagaro Booking App?

1. Download the Vagaro booking App directly to your phone from Google Play or Apple Store. Select Vagaro (NOT Vagaro Pro).

2. Once you have it loaded, if you are new create an account. Existing user? Sign-in using your previously created account.

3. First time user? You will need to search for FireCycle Abilene. Once you see us, click book now and it will save us in your favorites so we pop up every time.

4. Go through the booking process and skip the website! All your information will be saved.

5. See you on the bike!

P.S. We are working on getting our own booking app and hope to have it soon. :)

what should I expect?


1. We are an old school style cycling studio (minus the cross talk). What does that mean? We are loud, fun, the lights are dark, and we ride as hard as possible to the rhythm of the music.

2. We start on time so be on time. If you are not on your bike at 1 minute before start time we reserve the right to give your bike to someone wait listed. We are located inside Firehouse Fitness located at 3518 South 7th St. The studio will open 15 minutes prior to class. If you are not a Firehouse Fitness member you will need to use the front door facing South 7th to enter the studio space.

3. We are in a small space so please be courteous to your neighbor, wear deodorant and clean workout attire.

4. Everyone "clips-in" so you can ride with the entire pack alongside the rhythm of the music, you can borrow shoes if you need them. Arrive 10 minutes early to get help with bike set-up. We offer duel pedals so you can use Delta or SPD clips. Tennis shoes are not an option.

5. No cell phone use. If you are worried about an emergency please give your loved ones the office line and someone will come get you out of class. You can leave your phone in a cubby in the back. Personal tracking devices or use of monitors is OK. Please keep chatting to a minimum once the ride begins.

6. Everyone must sign a separate Firecycle waiver, even if you are already a member of Firehouse Fitness. Let’s all be safe and enjoy our ride. You will do this when you book your bike online.

"At FIRECYCLE we offer a little inspiration and a whole lot of sweat."

why should you choose FIRECYCLE?

Life isn't always easy, in fact sometimes it can be a real kick in the teeth. Between putting in the hours at work, taking care of the kids, answering the never ending texts and e-mail requests we bet you have asked on more than one occasion - so exactly when am I going to be able to get to the gym again? Yep, trying to get it all done can be just plain overwhelming. We get it.

  • Leave feeling just plain better than when you walked in.
  • Sweat it out on your bike, in the dark!
  • All our classic rides include a short weight routine during class. It is light, but effective and we know you don't want to neglect your arms. :)
  • Clip into the pedals with special cycling shoes, it will help you feel connected. Don't have any? No worries - we got you covered.
  • Ride to the rhythm of the music.
  • Did you forget your hair ties or pin for your bangs, we got you covered there too.
  • Did we mention we are a no cell phone zone so tell everyone you are unavailable for 45 minutes.

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