We are NOT your average cycling studio.

Life isn't always easy, in fact sometimes it can be a real kick in the teeth. Between putting in the hours at work, taking care of the kids, answering the never ending texts and e-mail requests we bet you have asked on more than one occasion - so exactly when am I going to be able to get to the gym again? Don't even get us started on the stress from 2020., 2021. Yep, trying to get it all done can be just plain overwhelming.

Just so you know...we get it.  

At FireCycle we offer a little inspiration and a whole lot of sweat. 

  • Leave feeling just plain better than when you walked in.
  • Sweat it out on your bike, and in the dark!
  • Check our weekly schedule for themes and specials (like Wine-Down Wed. , taco Tues. or Sat. Mimosas). Why because little extras are SWEET!
  • There is a short weight routine during class. It is light, but effective and we know you don't want to neglect your arms.
  • Clip into the pedals with special cycling shoes, it will help you feel connected. Don't have any? No worries - we got you covered.
  • Ride to the rhythm of the music.
  • Did you forget your hair ties or pin for your bangs, we got you covered there too.
  • Did we mention we are a no cell phone zone so tell everyone you are unavailable for 45 minutes.  
  • At FireCycle this is your time to let it go and JUST BE FREE. 
  • We can't wait to meet you.


1. Where can I read about the instructors and learn what to expect at a FireCycle ride/class? 

Check out the Instructors page -  CLICK HERE!

2.  I am a first time rider, what should I expect? 

Awesome! We are excited you are joining us. Check out the Instructors page which includes the studio rules. 


One big difference is everyone clips in, so you will need special riding shoes to participate. We encourage you to purchase some at Biketown (they will fit your foot) or online at your favorite retailer. We also have several pairs you are welcome to borrow so while we are still getting started we kindly ask you to complete the online shoe form when booking so we can make sure to have your size! To unclip you simply move your shoe to the side. YES, your Peloton shoes are compatible with our bikes. 


We use Stages bikes, they are made for the type of rhythm riding we provide. They can accommodate up to a 350 pound rider.  Please arrive 15 min. early so we can get you properly set-up the first time.


Our classes are designed to maximize your calorie burn in a short amount of time. We do not mimic the open road, and use HITT in our classes (we go fast, then slow it down, with resistance on the wheel). Some level of cardio (a walking routine, running, rowing, etc.) will help you if you are new. However, if you are just starting cardio for the first time, do not worry. We encourage all our riders to ride at their own pace! Our studio has low lighting, and we have two seat cushions if you wish to borrow one.  Most of us instructors didn't even get up the first few times we tried riding so give yourself some grace, have fun, and you will be a pro in no time. All choreography can be done in the saddle, arrive early and we are glad to give you some additional first-time pointers.


We offer filtered water for your reusable water bottle so make sure you bring water.

3. Can I purchase a monthly membership for FireCycle? How much is it?

We are a pay per class, or packages cycling experience, but do offer an Unlimited rides option for $99 per month.  

The cost is $8 per class for Firehouse Fitness members, and $11 per class for non-members. You can also receive points for every ride and earn free classes. 

We also offer discounts on bulk ride options (5 or 10 class packs), and discounts on all rides (including packages) for Firehouse Fitness members. Packages expire in 3 months from date of purchase!

Non-FH Member

5 Pack  = $45 + tax

10 Pack = $80 + tax

FH Member (we will verify with Firehouse)

5 Pack = 30 + tax

10 Pack = $55 + tax

Purchase single rides or packages at Book your Ride!

4. I am a Firehouse Fitness member, and just want to book a single ride. Do I need a discount code?

Yes, please enter FIREHOUSE2022 at checkout and the $3.00 off discount will be applied. You will be required to show your key fob when you check-in. 

5. I booked my bike, but now I can't make it! What should I do?

You must cancel your bike/class reservation 12 hours before your ride to receive a refund. Same day cancellations (made on the booking site) are non-refundable, but credit can be used at a later date or for a future class if done at least one hour before class start time.  As of 02-01-2022, if you cancel within 1 hour of class there will be no refunds and no class credit issued! If you are not on your bike 1 minute prior to class starting someone on the wait list will be able to book your bike. If you do not cancel your ride online before the class you are considered a "no-show" and will be charged the price of the class. We welcome walk-in's, but it is based on bike availability.

6. Do you offer daycare?

We do not currently offer daycare. 

7.  I am worried about "sore saddle," any tips or tricks?

First of all, always ride at your own pace! Our classes are meant to push you, but that is different for every rider so we fully encourage you to listen to you body and ride at a pace comfortable for you. We do also offer an additional bike seat cover/cushion, but only have one and it is cleaned after use. You are welcome to bring your own! You can purchase these at Biketown or other retail outlet. Padded bike shorts also help, but typically "sore saddle" goes away after a few rides.  So push-through it and you will be so very glad you did! If you are new, arrive a little early and we will double check your bike it fit right for you as well. 

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