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Weekly Class Schedule*

Please check back as this schedule will change from week to week. 

Learn more about our instructors , and their own personal coaching styles on our Instructors/Studio Info. page.

Friday, Feb. 3rd @ 4:30 PM * Instructor: Christine

Happy Hour Ride

Saturday, Feb. 4th @ 8:30 AM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: Fire45

Saturday, Feb. 4th @ 9:45 AM * Instructor: Nina

Theme: Fire45


Sunday, Feb. 5th @ 2:00 PM * Instructor: Nina

Theme: Pop Punk (E)

Monday, Feb. 6th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: Monday Motivation

Tuesday, Feb. 7th @ 6:15 AM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: 90's Rock

(70's Rock that was canceled will return the next week!)

Wednesday, Feb. 8th  @ 5:45 AM *Instructor: Nina

Theme: Queens of Pop


No Wednesday night this week!

Thursday, Feb. 9th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Nina

Theme: All Taylor (TSWIFT)

Saturday, Feb. 11th @ 9:45 AM * Instructor: Suzy & Christine

*Resolution Ride - 60 min.*

Theme: Galentines Ride, mimosas, and treats after class.

Sunday, Feb. 12th @ 2:00 PM * Instructor: Nina

Theme: Hip-Hop (E)