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(Jan. 25th - 30th)

Weekly Class Schedule*

Please check back as this schedule will change from week to week. 

Learn more about our instructors , and their own personal coaching styles on our Instructors/Studio Info. page.

Monday, Jan. 25th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: Motivation Monday (E), newer tracks with just a little extra inspiration and motivation to kick-start your week. We got Dillion Francis, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Miley Cyrus and more. Bring it Monday, you ain't got nothing on us.

Tuesday, Jan. 26th @ 6:15 AM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: Rock & Heavy Metal (E), it's heavy and full of power moves and climbs from new metal to classic rock. If it is early Tuesday it's heavy metal (except next week, we are throwing in an emo ride).

Tuesday, Jan. 26th @ 4:30 PM * Mercedes

Theme: Movie Themes, some killer tunes to our favorite movies - Pulp Fiction, Purple Rain, Footloose, Flash dance. Get ready to move! Popcorn and sodas after class!

Tuesday, Jan. 26th @ 6:15 PM * Instructor: Josh

Theme: Hip-Hop (E) - it's Hip-Hop this week with Josh. Get ready for weights, booty shaking and lots of laughing (which is also great for your abs). 

Wednesday, Jan. 27th @ 4:30 PM & 5:45 PM * Instructor: Amanda

Theme: Strut Your Stuff, move it, shake and strut it! This upbeat ride will give you the mid-week boost you are looking for and then some. Plus it is WINE-DOWN WED. with treats and chardonnay. 

Thursday, Jan. 28th @ 5:15 AM * Instructor: Mercedes

Theme: Block Rockin' Beats, let's rock early am style. Set yourself up to have just an awesome day.

Thursday, Jan. 28th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Brian

Theme: Classic Freestyle. What do Brian's regular riders say? "I consistently burn more in a Brian class - he just knows how to make you give that extra push even when you think you can't." All classic moves to killer music! Brian is an instructor with 10+ years of experience so he gets you in your target heart rate zone and keeps you there. No weight routine, just one awesome ride. Plus some super cool disco lights AND added stage black lights.

Saturday, Jan. 30th @ 8:45 AM & 10:15 AM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) vs. *NSYNC. This is just a a great throwback ride! So which boy band did it best? Got the shirt? Feel free to show your NKOTB/*NSYNC pride. We are all about having a good time in here. :)