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Weekly Class Schedule*

Please check back as this schedule will change from week to week. 

Learn more about our instructors , and their own personal coaching styles on our Instructors/Studio Info. page.

Sunday, June 4th @ 2:00 PM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: Yacht Rock

Monday, June 5th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Suzy 

Theme: Monday Motivation

No Tuesday Ride this Week!

Wednesday, June 7th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Nina

Theme: 90's vs. 2000's BATTLE

(Wine-down Wed.)

Thursday, June 8th @ 5:45 PM * Instructor: Suzy

Theme: Classic Rock

Friday, June 9th @ 8:30 AM * Instructor: Nina

Theme: Feel Good Friday

Saturday, June 10th @ 8:30 AM * Instructor: Christine

Theme: 80's Synth

Sunday, June 11th @ 2:00 PM * Instructor: Nina

Theme: Hip-Hop (E)

We have updated our cancellation policy. * No reschedules or cancellations within 12 hours.

Reschedules are permitted 12 hours before class (DM us). * Cancellations with credit or refund are permitted within 24 hours online.

1. Download the Vagaro booking App directly to your phone from Google Play or Apple Store. Select Vagaro (NOT Vagaro Pro).

2. Once you have it loaded, if you are new create an account. Existing user? Sign-in using your previously created account.

3. First time user? You will need to search for FireCycle Abilene. Once you see us, click book now and it will save us in your favorites so we pop up every time.

4. Go through the booking process and skip the website! All your information will be saved.