Did you know most New Year's Resolutions fail? UGH! Not because people don't have the best of intentions, but because LIFE gets in the way, and without extra support from like-minded people it is just human nature to put ourselves last on the list.  

How about if 2023 was YOUR year to shine? 

That is what the 90'day kick-start short-term membership is all about! 

1. Commit and buy-in!

2. Start booking those rides as soon as Jan. pops up (mid-Dec.).

3. We will have give-a-ways, extra support, and the winner get a prize of a free month of Unlimited. 

Details please!

90-days from date of purchase of UNLIMITED RIDES at FireCycle Abilene.

One-week free trial membership to Firehouse Fitness for non-members.

A finisher t-shirt for all participants.

Weekly check-in from Instructor Christine or Nina (via Voxer).

A goodie bag filled with extra healthy goodies and give-a-ways from other local businesses. We will update this as we gather items!

What is the cost?

It costs $250 + tax, which is a savings of $50 on monthly unlimited. 

BUT it gets better, IF you purchase in Dec. and start to use it, you get the extra weeks added from date of purchase at no cost to get 

you through end of March.

This membership does not renew.

When must I enroll to participate in the Challenge?

YOU have until JAN. 8th to purchase then this deal then it is GONE.

How can I win?

The rider with the MOST rides from Jan. 1st - March 31st will receive one additional month of unlimited rides!* 

(YOU must be part of 90 Day Kick-Start membership, Unlimited or Annual to be eligible for the "most rides" prize. 

Riders who buy 5 or 10 packs or pay per ride are not eligible for the challenge - it is a 90-day kick start group.)